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Welcome to Shift Management Inc.

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Shift Management Inc. The West Coast's Leading Wholesale Transmission Rebuilder. 

We Have Nationwide Distributing and a Huge Inventory of Domestic and Imported Transmissions. We Specialize in Supplying Fleets, Dealers and Garages Local or Nationwide.

For a Current Price Quote Call     (800) 242-8727  or  (916) 381-4700   
  • All SMI transmissions are remanufactured with the latest updates and modifications.
  • Remanufactured torque converter is included.
  • All SMI parts meet or exceed manufacture specifications.
  • SMI maintains a quality level of less than 3% manufacturing defects.


No production line or parts changers

All SMI products are remanufactured by in-house trained, skilled rebuilders.  We understand how these products work. 

All products are rebuilt to meet or exceed manufactures specifications.  Updates are used whenever possible to assure a quality product. 

All automatic transmissions are supplied with a SMI rebuilt torque converter.
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